Notable Research

In an industry over-reliant on anecdotal information for key decision-making, Artvest has since its founding, grounded its approach in data and analysis. Artvest conducts research on its own and in partnership with other leading researchers. In addition to confidential analysis for its clients, several of Artvest’s projects exist in the public domain and are included here.

Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)

During the City of Detroit Bankruptcy, Artvest was hired as an Expert Witness by the DIA and the City of Detroit for the Bankruptcy trial in 2014 to assist the.

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Research on Dealer Financing

In partnership with TEFAF Maastricht and Art Tactic, in 2018 Artvest directed research on the financing practices of the Trade and the TEFAF Dealer constituency, uncovering economic conventions unique to.

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Research on Dealer Adoption of Technology

In partnership with TEFAF Maastricht and Rachel Pownall, in 2017 Artvest directed research on the use of social media and online selling tools by its Dealer constituents and the broader.

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Citibank Equity Research and Sotheby’s

Artvest was hired as a specialty art market consultant to Citibank Equity Research for coverage of Sotheby’s stock in 2013 and conducted a thirteen-year analysis of the Company’s performance after.

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