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Artvest Introduces TEFAF to New York

In early 2016 Artvest created a joint venture with TEFAF Maastricht to present a new version of the venerable art fair in New York twice each calendar year. The new entity resulted from a complex four-party deal, conceived and negotiated by Artvest, among Spring Masters, the Haughton’s International Show, the Park Avenue Armory and TEFAF Maastricht with Artvest owning a 49% ownership stake in the newly formed TEFAF New York.

Debuting in October 2016, the new TEFAF Art Fairs were an instant critical and commercial success. Artvest integrated TEFAF New York into the cultural fabric of the Americas by creating an active Advisory Board of leading Collectors and Museum Directors, a robust cultural program, and in partnership with Bank of America, an engaged financial and cultural sponsor. For the Opening Night Benefit, Artvest partnered with the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, raising substantial sums over multiple Fairs for cutting-edge research. Luxurious, intimate and tightly curated, the Fairs are considered game-changers in the Art Industry.

Additionally, Artvest re-invigorated the TEFAF brand by creating a dedicated Fair, TEFAF New York Spring, focused on 20th Century Art and Design. This re-alignment was essential for the success of the TEFAF brand in the US, given its traditional focus on earlier periods of art.

Michael Plummer and Jeff Rabin were co-Fair Directors of both TEFAF New York Fall and TEFAF New York Spring from launch through 2018. Artvest sold its stake to TEFAF in April 2019 to focus on a new Artvest business planned to launch in 2020.

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